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Once upon a time there was a little house with a man and a woman who wanted a child. They prayed to God everyday to have a child. They lived next door to a beautiful property filled with herbs and flowers, but the property was owned by an evil witch or enchantress and was surrounded by a huge wall. The witch was so evil that the whole world knew of her power and was afraid of her. There was one special herb called rampion (or Rapunzel) that the nice woman so wanted to eat that only grew in the evil witch’s yard. The nice woman wanted it so much that she started to get sick from the wanting. (Wanting something she couldn’t have) Her husband looked at her and started to worry that she would die if she didn’t get some of the herb. That night he decided to creep into the garden and get her some. Well, the evil enchantress happened to be standing right there, and screamed at him “How dare you come into my yard and steal my rampion?” The man begged forgiveness and explained that he was doing it for his wife. The enchantress made a deal with the man. She suggested that he could take as much of the rampion as he liked for his wife, but that when they have a child they must give her over to her. She was spinning an evil web – or an evil plan, wasn’t she? Well, when the nice woman did have a little girl the evil enchantress was right there and named her Rapunzel (after the herb) and took her away. The little girl was very beautiful and grew long, long, long, golden tresses. It apparently looked like spun gold and was very strong. When the girl was twelve (just starting her teens) the enchantress built a huge tower with no stairs and no door. There was only a little window way up at the top of the tower. She put Rapunzel in the room with the window and left her there. (Many mothers of teens would like to do the same thing) The enchantress would call up to the girl and tell her to let down her long braids, and then the enchantress could climb up and visit. She actually said “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair!” One evening while the witch was climbing up, a young man was in the nearby woods and saw the beautiful girl let down her hair. The young man was actually a prince and figured that he would like to visit the beautiful girl too. The prince remembered what the witch said and tried his luck! “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair!” he copied It worked. Immediately the hair fell down and the son of a King climbed up. The young teen was very frightened as she had never seen a boy before. But the young man was very nice and they became friends. He explained that his heart had been moved when he saw her beauty. The prince then asked if she would become his wife? (I wonder what his father the King would think of that?) But… She said yes. However, they had a problem. While she could let the prince up and down out of the Tower, she herself could not leave. So they devised a plan. The Prince would come back and forth and bring her silk which she would use to weave a ladder for her escape. So for the next few nights whenever he came to visit he would bring the long roll of silk and Rapunzel was kept busy weaving it into a ladder. However, one night the Enchantress discovered their secret. She was so angry…. (Okay, this is where the story usually ends with the Prince fighting off the evil witch and rescuing the beautiful princess — and they ride off into the sunset. The original tale has a very different ending. Want to hear it?) Then continue. The witch was so angry that she grabbed Rapunzel’s hair and cut it all off. She then banished the girl to the desert. There it is said that she had to live in wretchedness (i.e.: poverty) With the long braids the Enchantress (Witch) created a trap for the Prince. She attached the braids to the windowsill and when he came to the Garden and called “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair” he climbed up and instead of finding his beautiful princess he gazed into the Witch’s evil glare

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